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Energy Transition. At Any Pace.

Welcome to Honeywell UOP, where legacy meets innovation at the forefront of the next energy revolution. For over a century, we have been at the helm of the energy landscape, fostering innovations that reach beyond the energy sector, touching a broad range of industries, ready to seize opportunities and navigate complexities at any pace. Our journey, grounded in a rich heritage, is a testament to our commitment to crafting sustainable solutions that are both grounded in the present and future ready.

Perspectives on the Energy Transition

Foundations Forward

At Honeywell UOP, we believe in building on our foundations to foster forward thinking and innovative insight. Through curated content, we extend an invitation to expertly informed conversation, guiding you through the evolving energy landscape.

Moving forward in the evolution to a lower carbon economy means finding ways to shrink the environmental footprints of hard-to-abate industries, without affecting their ability to deliver the products and services essential to our quality of life.

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Practical Solutions For A Sustainable Tomorrow

At Honeywell UOP, we are dedicated to fine-tuning solutions that stand at the forefront of technology

Leading efforts in Sustainable Aviation Fuel, a crucial step towards cleaner skies

Leading asset transformations that minimize carbon footprints and promote sustainability.

Unveiling catalysts that are set to redefine industry standards, offering efficiency and effectiveness

Bringing solutions that not only reduce emissions but also revolutionize carbon capture technology

Harnessing the power of digitalization to bring seamless integration and optimization to complex processes.

Facilitating the rise of a hydrogen economy, a leader of clean energy and untapped potential.


Exclusive Webinars

We understand the crucial role of expertise in advancing the energy sector forward. Through our exclusive webinars, we provide a platform where know how meets collaboration, offering deep dives into the technical and human aspects of the energy sector. Join us in these sessions that offer knowledge and a bridge to collaborative action.

A Legacy Of Innovation

Honeywell UOP's journey is a testimony to the pursuit of innovation. Our story is marked by milestones that reflect our contributions to the industry. We invite you to explore our history, a look into the scale, reach, and contributions of Honeywell UOP over the years.

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