Improve Performance. Eliminate Obsolescence.

Can your business afford the high cost of obsolescence? Partner with Honeywell to simplify process control modernization so you never have to worry about obsolescence again.

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A Smooth Migration In A Harsh Environment

Honeywell replaced the existing control and safety system at an upstream oil and gas plant with an integrated, low-maintenance solution supporting operations in a harsh and remote location

From Obsolescence To Excellence: A DCS Migration

Honeywell put in place an integrated system for plant-wide control to help a Middle Eastern business pursue its ambition to become a leading methanol producer.

Double Your Benefit—Ensure Compliance And Extend Asset Life

You can’t afford to let your safety systems become dated. By migrating from FSC to Safety Manager, you protect your intellectual property as you strengthen your system with twenty-first century safeguarding technology. Honeywell’s next generation of safety solutions ensures you comply with all the latest safety standards and requirements of the industries.

As operational, regulatory, environmental, and economic issues facing the power industry continue to evolve, the ability to reliably control plant processes is more important than ever. Power generation companies can optimize control system refurbishment projects by deploying an integrated platform to replace disparate point solutions.

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