Now Even More Powerful. still Free. Get Alha Today!

Now even more powerful and still free to use. Get ALHA v2 today!

Honeywell’s free Asset Lifecycle Health Assessment (ALHA) tool helps terminals, gas, field & process instruments and modular systems operators manage obsolescence risks and monitor their Honeywell assets over their lifecycle.

With ALHA you can identify the ageing equipment, increasing risks of rising maintenance costs, poor performance, compliance failures or downtime. And it will help you manage your current assets to maximize returns while discovering the technology that could enhance your business.

Once registered, you can easily and quickly add your Honeywell equipment using our free, web-based tool. Users will be able to:

  • See your assets’ support status at a glance – current, legacy or obsolete
  • Get full reports organized by your site for multi-site customers
  • Review your migration and upgrade options and estimated cost savings
  • Get new asset recommendations from the in-built artificial intelligence engine
  • Easily request upgrades or service contract proposals
  • Quickly find contacts for Honeywell regional service centers
  • Find latest information from the Honeywell Process Solutions website for each of your assets

Just complete the form to get access today and take control of your assets.

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