The Electronic Index EI6: A Future-proof, Smart Solution 

The EI6 is a smart electronic index for Honeywell residential and commercial diaphragm gas meters (BK- G1.6 up to BK-G25), which enables secure data exchange between the various communication partners using an open protocol.

Its main benefits include: 

  • Maintenance free design (no costly field visit for battery exchange needed in 20 years of service)
  • Preconfigured delivery enabling easiest possible installation
  • Energy efficient low power WAN communication
  • Electronic temperature compensation
  • Advanced diagnostics and anti-tampering features
  • State-of-the-art data security and data protection
  • Field battery replacement without loss of data

Talk to Honeywell to discover how the unique EI6 features can reduce your total cost of ownership and put the power of data in your hands and help you take the next step towards a smarter approach. Sign up here to download the EI6 data sheet or connect with our experts!

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