Residential Meter, Reliable Measurements: Honeywell’s S220  

Part of the velocity and single-jet product portfolio, Honeywell’s S220 single-jet water meter is designed for domestic use. Ideal for revenue billing applications and available in two different sizes, the S220 operates in the velocity principle, where a jet of water enters the measuring chamber and drives the rotor.

The main features of the S220 single-jet water meter include:

  • Brass body, protected by lower housing
  • High protection against moisture and damage
  • Pre-installation for bidirectional inductive pulse transmitter or radio module
  • Lengths and threads compatible with other meter models
  • Mechanical sealing system that improves the inviolability of the meter
  • Included certificate of products in contact with water for human consumption

This meter is also available with an inclined register to aid reading in facilities with difficult access.

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