Honeywell Scores Latest Breakthrough In Petrochemical Endeavour

Honeywell Scores Latest Breakthrough In Petrochemical Endeavour

Jakarta, Indonesia, November 9, 2022 – Honeywell today announced that they have made significant breakthrough by acting as the main integrator for LOTTE Chemical – Korea’s global chemical company and one of Southeast Asia’s largest integrated producers of olefins and polyolefins, in its Petrochemical Plant in Indonesia.

This project breakthrough by LOTTE is attributed to Honeywell as the integrator of the Main Automation Contractor. LOTTE has been using Honeywell’s DCS (Distributed Control System), ESD (Emergency Shutdown System), FGS (Fire & Gas System), Remote Instrument Enclosure (RIE), OTS (Operator Training Simulator) RTDB (Real Time Data Base) and PID Loop Tuning.

“We are pleased to further demonstrate our ability in providing our customers with the right solution through an array of offerings and services,” said Tarek Nahl, Global Vice President, Strategic Projects, Honeywell. “With sterling records of past experience and achievements, we have instilled the trust in our customers on Honeywell Technologies for future use of Petrochemical.”

This is one of LOTTE’s very first major projects in Indonesia, and with combined expertise between both countries, the team has progressed by leveraging some of Honeywell’s technologies namely the; Remote FAT and Virtual Engineering Platform despite the challenges faced during the pandemic and isolated working environment. Tarek also added that the company’s achievement in this this breakthrough is also further complemented by Honeywell’s strong presence in major export markets, owing to the high quality of our products, cost competitiveness, strong customer relationships and consistent product supply.

Commenting on its collaboration with Honeywell, Mr. JG Yun, Project Director, LINE project, of LOTTE Chemical said “We are proud to achieve this significant milestone in our petrochemical venture, duly supported by Honeywell as the main integrator in our projects. This would further complement our synergy in expanding our efforts and undertaking to develop and enhance our facility in boosting our productivity and capacity in this region.”

With Honeywell integration support, LOTTE Chemical is building its strategic expansion initiative to develop an integrated petrochemical facility which is aimed at increasing the company’s production capacity and realizing Lotte Chemical's vision to be a Top-Tier Petrochemical Company in Southeast Asia. The collaboration between Honeywell and Lotte Chemical will strengthen the partnership between both companies for many years to come in developing sustainable growth for present and future projects in the petrochemical industry.

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