Honeywell Announces Integrated Olefin Suite Of Technologies To Improve The Performance Of Naphtha Steam Crackers

Honeywell Announces Integrated Olefin Suite Of Technologies To Improve The Performance Of Naphtha Steam Crackers

  • Industry first Integrated Olefin Suite (IOS) enhances performance of naphtha crackers and improves their competitiveness
  • IOS helps convert low-cost feedstocks into higher yields of propylene and ethylene
  • IOS increases carbon efficiency to light olefins up to 40% via molecule management1,2

DES PLAINES, Ill., MARCH 16, 2022 -- Honeywell today announced an Integrated Olefin Suite (IOS) of technologies that can increase ethylene production and improve profitability when added to a naphtha steam cracker. IOS provides customers the ability to improved return on investment (ROI), increase operating profits, opportunity to reduce carbon dioxide2 footprint and increase the level of control over by-products1.

IOS features a collection of commercially proven technologies that create a step change in naphtha cracker performance. By economically improving the quality of naphtha cracker feeds, the yield of ethylene is increased and the production of lower-value by-products are reduced.1

IOS includes three main sections. The feed optimization section transforms typical naphthas into a naphtha cracker feedstock that is rich in normal paraffins. Normal paraffins increase the yield of ethylene and decrease the yield of most by-products which is expected to generate a more valuable product slate.

The co-processing section significantly increases propylene by processing propane, generated in the feed optimization section and from other feed sources, in a UOP Oleflex™ unit. When compared to processing propane in a steam cracking unit, the Oleflex process provides a much higher yield to light olefins, while also generating significant amounts valuable hydrogen4.

The by-products handling section includes additional processing solutions that can be used to increase, decrease, or eliminate the production of by-products such as butadiene, butenes and benzene to match the customer’s strategic objectives.

“The IOS is the first of its kind in the industry and creates differentiated offerings to enhance the performance of naphtha crackers and improve their competitiveness1,” said Alan Cepla, Senior Business Development Director, UOP Process Technologies Business. “Honeywell UOP’s IOS produces a more valuable product slate, increasing light olefin production and tailoring by-products to meet your strategic objectives.”

The global ethylene market grows at ~3.5% annually, which amounts to 6-7 MM MTA3 increase in demand every year. There is not enough ethane to meet this growing demand and therefore, the balance of this demand can only be met by naphtha steam crackers.

As an industry leader in petrochemical process technology for more than 70 years, UOP continues to deliver proven, flexible solutions with high yield returns. Whether you have alternative feedstock, such as coal or natural gas, methanol, or a traditional feedstock such as propane, UOP has the solutions to help make propylene and ethylene.

Click here for more information on how to convert low-cost feedstocks into high yields of propylene and ethylene.

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Based on customer (ID# 0030 and 0031) study using standard Honeywell-UOP process simulations to generate a side by-side comparison of a crude to olefins complex using conventional technology and a crude to chemicals complex with the UOP Integrated Olefin Suite including MaxEne, IsoFlex, Oleflex and AroFlex. Dated: Sept 2021.

2 Reduction dependent on customer’s specific situation and processing objective.

3 IHS Markit 2021

4 Comparing commercial UOP Oleflex™ operating data versus Steam Cracker yield estimates.

Mike Hockey
Director of External Communication, PMT