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Using VR in Confined Spaces Training _ Immersive field simulation takes a whole new approach to help plant workers

Safety and Control: Times change, but does integrated control and safety?

As we emerge from the COVID-19 shutdown, where staffing requirements have changed because of remote connectivity, time-sensitive networking (TSN) is changing the rules of deterministic control.

Digitalization: Digital twinning of the safety lifecycle

Explore the benefits of digitally-twinning safety instrumented systems which are responsible for the operating safety in the process industry.

Thermal Solutions: Combustion Systems – Achieving Effective Control of Process Heating

Careful selection of combustion control methods and equipment helps optimize the control of industrial heating systems.

Alkylation Technology: Chevron starts up ionic liquids alkylation unit

Chevron Corp. and Honeywell recently completed the commissioning and startup of the world's first commercial-scale ISOALKY™ process unit that utilizes ionic liquids to produce alkylate.

Industrial Autonomy: Industrial autonomy's benefit is in the journey

Eliminating operators isn't the point. Making better decisions is

IIoT: Defining IIoT for practical purposes

Because the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) spans so many technical areas, it helps potential users to understand how others see it, which can point out the most useful ways to implement it in individual applications. Here are the expert assessments of several suppliers.

Sustainability: Lower emissions, higher returns

Oil and gas companies can benefit from innovative technologies to combine sustainability with profitability, says Norm Gilsdorf, Vice President, Global High Growth Regions and President for Honeywell Russia & Customs Union and Honeywell ASEAN

Sustainable Refrigerants: Honeywell Inks Deal with Whole Foods for its Sustainable Refrigeration System

Honeywell is working to make refrigeration more sustainable with its solution the 'Solstice,' which has seen over 30,000 installations in supermarkets worldwide. George Koutsaftes, the President of Honeywell Advanced Materials, joined Cheddar to discuss.

Safety, EHS, Industry 4.0 | The safety opportunity enabled by IIoT

In this Big Picture Interview, new technology developments are creating a labor force of smart, connected workers from ops to EH&S.

Sustainability: How an Old Power Plant Is Being Refitted for the Hydrogen Economy

Talk about changing times. An old gasification plant in West Terre Haute, Indiana is getting a new life. It will use petroleum coke and biomass to produce hydrogen for power. It will also capture and sequester the resulting CO2. Just how realistic is this pursuit and just how clean is the process?

Battery Energy Storage Systems: Globally, BESS is Expected to Comprise 50% of the Energy Storage Market

In an exclusive interview with Niloy from BISinfotech, Ashish Gaikwad, Managing Director, Honeywell Automation India Limited talks about Honeywell’s Renewable Energy solutions, especially Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS) and how it is helping the renewable energy sector produce energy more efficiently, lower Total Cost of Ownership, Boost Revenue Streams, and to Optimize Asset Performance while reducing the environmental impact and improving safety and regulatory compliance.

Sustainable Refrigerants: How You Can Lead Sustainable Innovation

For leaders passionate about making a difference yet overwhelmed by the undertaking, where should they start? According to Honeywell, it requires more than passion. Sustainability has always been a central part of how the Fortune 100 company has done business.

Data Analytics: Dutch uncles on data analytics

Even though all kinds of software and other tools are readily available, data analytics can still seem like a vast, monolithic and unapproachable topic to many end users. How can I use all this stuff to help my individual process application? Well, there's plenty of good advice, too. Here's some of the best available recently.

Intellectual Property: Protecting Intellectual Property in the Chemical Engineering Field

Although historically, chemical engineering has primarily focused on process engineering, the discipline now encompasses high-performance material design and is frequently linked with biological or biomedical engineering. As the sector continues to develop, new strategies are required to protect the intellectual property that’s created. In this article I explore what these new strategies involve.

Workforce Excellence: 6 Steps to Creating a Skilled, High-Performing and Resilient Industrial Workforce

As the world prepares for life after uncertain business times, industrial companies are mobilizing to leverage digitization and powerful technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and automation. They’re also mindful that Industry 5.0 is the horizon — an era in which personalization, customization and the human touch will be key to commercial success.

System Maintenance: Moving Control System Maintenance to a Proactive Strategy

In this episode of the "Automation World Gets Your Questions Answered" podcast series, we connect with Bart Winters of Honeywell Process Solutions to learn about shifting your industrial control systems from a reactive to a proactive maintenance strategy.

Life Sciences: Fast Track Automation in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Drug manufacturers turn to advanced automation technologies and project execution methodologies to reduce time, cost and risk.

Battery Energy Storage Systems: BESS will help reduce emissions through increased use of renewable energy

The future of electricity is said to be decarbonised, decentralised and digitalised. Is this a perfect fit for battery energy storage system (BESS)?

Videobite: Honeywell Solutions Unveils Solstice Propellant

A non-flammable solution for use in aerosol applications, including personal care.

Control Systems: Future-proofing your process control systems

Joe Bastone explains how control engineers can ensure that their process control assets are future-proofed and have the flexibility needed to meet ever faster changing customer demands.

Digitalization: Control System Modernization Achieves Multiple Goals

Effort addresses technology obsolescence, enhances lifecycle management and paves way for faster digitalization

Digitalization: How advanced digital twin technology narrows the industrial skills gap

Digital twin technology such as immersive field simulators (IFS) can help companies narrow the skills gap by offering a training environment that offers an accurate replica of the world they inhabit with virtual reality and mixed reality tools.