Podcast: How Sustainable Aviation Fuel Helps Reduce Emissions In Air Travel

Podcast: How Sustainable Aviation Fuel Helps Reduce Emissions In Air Travel

Honeywell UOP’s EcofiningTM technology helps produce sustainable aviation fuels that airlines today are using to reduce their greenhouse gases. 

The aviation industry is facing a sustainability challenge. Refineries, airlines, and private-jet operators are increasingly concerned with sustainability in air travel. Passengers are interested in what airlines are doing to help reduce their carbon footprint and airlines are seeking more sustainable and efficient fuel options.

That’s how sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) can help.

SAF can be produced effectively chemically identical to petroleum-based fuels. It can be used as a drop-in replacement for petroleum fuel in airplanes without needing to change an aircraft’s technology or fuel infrastructure. The only difference is that they are made of renewable feedstock—the raw material needed to produce fuels.

On a recent podcast episode, experts across Honeywell discussed how SAF produced by Honeywell UOP’s EcofiningTM technology is a solution being used today by airlines and private jet operators. They touched upon what the issues today are with traditional fuels and how sustainable aviation fuels are a hot topic within the refinery and aerospace industry.

UOP’s EcofiningTM technology allows for refineries to produce sustainable aviation fuel from 100% renewable feedstock. These feedstocks can include used cooking oil, animal fats and sometimes crop-based oils (soybean or canola oil).

The jet fuel produced is considered a sustainable aviation fuel which has been approved for use in aviation up to a 50% blend and is used today by the airline industry. Through its use, airlines and private aircrafts are able to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that occur during travel.

The EcofiningTM technology can also help refineries meet environmental regulations and help reduce their greenhouse emissions. The technology can be retrofitted to existing operations to produce high-quality, high-reliability fuels that meet or exceed product specifications.

Listen to this podcast to learn how experts across Honeywell are working together when it comes to sustainable fuels in aviation. 

Download this infographic to learn how Honeywell’s sustainable aviation fuel is taking sustainability to new heights.