The Power of Connected: Enhance Operator Effectiveness and Efficiency With This Single Pane of Glass

The Power of Connected: Enhance Operator Effectiveness and Efficiency With This Single Pane of Glass

Whether updating an existing control center or building a new one, Honeywell’s latest collaboration simplifies operator decision-making by providing the ability to bring information from any source into a single workspace.

Various aspects of the current industrial landscape pose challenges for operators. Many control rooms today are outdated and require system upgrades, as they are often a conglomerate of old assets that date back to the 1960s. Industrial companies also face the need to enhance safety for their operations and operators, as well as improve asset availability.

More flexibility, with better access and unified control of data have become vital elements for industrial companies and their control rooms as they heavily impact the decision-making process. With seamless access to data, control room operators are better prepared to react and respond rapidly, preventing process upsets that could disrupt operations. Additionally, a unified control room can proactively identify equipment malfunctions, which ultimately can extend its lifespan.

To address the growing concerns and needs in the industry today, Honeywell has collaborated with WEYTEC, a full-service KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) provider that enables real-time access to all important data via a robust solution that is flexible, secure, reliable and completely independent of software versions and updates.

The latest collaboration combines Honeywell’s Experion® Orion Console and WEYTEC’s expertise in high-performance workplaces such as control rooms and trading floors. The resulting solution that is available now provides industrial companies and their operators with the ability to merge multiple sources into a single pane of glass, thus enabling seamless access for better data control and decision-making.

When designing our control centers, we leverage the WEYTEC solution while integrating the use and capabilities of our Experion Orion Console. Through its wide range of features, the Experion Orion Console increases operator effectiveness for a larger scope of responsibility, enabling faster response times and increasing situational awareness. The console’s large, ultra-high-definition screens include incorporated built-in limits and targets and allow flexible layouts for the overview and detail displays, as well as related applications and video.

Operators can achieve more efficient production transitions by gaining access and responding faster to potential and actual abnormal situations because the operator touch panel allows direct changes to process values more effectively than a typical mouse and keyboard. Additionally, operators can be more engaged, comfortable, and alert as the ergonomic design improves operator comfort and helps reduce fatigue.

Through the collaboration, the solution enhances features and benefits for both new and existing Experion® users. The solution is vendor agnostic when it comes to inputs into the system. It has the capability to receive data from multiple sources and devices regardless of the manufacturer. The integration of different sources eliminates isolated or stranded data, allowing a cleaner, more simplified hardware installation as it presents them all to an operator in a single pane of glass. This helps streamline both the operators’ navigation processes and the ongoing maintenance of failed monitors, keyboards, and other equipment.

The collaboration with WEYTEC showcases Honeywell’s commitment to hardware, software, and application integration all while enabling industrial companies to achieve seamless operations. By integrating multiple systems into one pane of glass, companies can make significant progress on their digital transformation journey.

Not only does the solution help companies enhance operator efficiency and effectiveness, but they are able to reduce operational and infrastructure costs. Furthermore, through streamlined implementation, distractions are minimized, creating a more organized workplace environment for the operators. The unified control of operations also enables operators to better respond and address issues that impact their overall processes.

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