Honeywell’s Thermal IQ™ Platform Named the 2022 Cloud Innovation of the Year

Honeywell’s Thermal IQ™ Platform Named the 2022 Cloud Innovation of the Year

The digital platform that powers Honeywell’s Connected Thermal Solutions was recognized for bringing cutting-edge innovation to the thermal process industry.

Recently, Honeywell’s Thermal IQ™ was named 2022 Cloud Innovation of the Year by the Tech Ascension Awards.

Every year the Tech Ascension Awards recognizes companies and leaders that drive cutting-edge innovative technologies that solve critical challenges in their respective markets.

A panel of industry experts evaluate technologies based on innovation and uniqueness, market research, hard performance stats, and competitive differentiators.

Companies and leaders in enterprise and consumer technology are recognized through various categories such as cloud, cybersecurity, consumer technology, fintech, marketing and PR, DevOps, CEO and Women in technology and big data.

Thermal IQ™ is a platform that powers Honeywell’s Connected Thermal Solutions. More specifically, it is a remote monitoring solution that securely connects combustion equipment to the cloud.

It makes critical thermal process data available anytime, anywhere, on any smart device or desktop.

Through its holistic approach to digital transformation, the Thermal IQ™ platform offers seamless integration for every plant personnel, from operators to managers.

Why does it matter?

The recognition further highlights the innovation and expertise that our Connected Thermal Solutions brings to help the thermal process industry.

The thermal process industry often faces challenges such as reduced thermal expertise in the field, stricter emissions regulations, need for robust remote operations and the need to minimize production downtime and increase efficiency.

Honeywell’s Connected Thermal Solutions powered by the Thermal IQ™ platform enables the thermal process industry to tackle and solve those challenges.

Whether operators already have Honeywell connected components and systems or any other sensors, or burner controllers in the market, Thermal IQ™ provides flexibility to adapt.

This digital platform is key as the thermal process industry goes through a digital transformation. It provides plant operators and managers with the resources to bring next level safety and operational risk management, reliability and operational excellence and energy and emissions management.

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