Call for Papers



"Meeting all Honeywell Users gives great insight on what is, or what will be trending and where our companies can all improve. Our biggest challenge will be the reduced work force we are facing.  What will you be doing about this?"

Submit your abstract and details into the fast lane: here before April 30.

Your ideas are valuable, and so is your time. That’s why Honeywell helps remove the pressure by offering resources and support to help you develop and polish your presentation at no cost. Our writers will draft the copy and work with you to optimize your presentation.

Here are some topics to consider:

  • Remote operations   • Connectivity
  • Industrial Cyber Security    • Remote monitoring
  • Health, Safety, Security and Environment   • Skills shortage
  • Migrations & Services   • UniSim Design projects
 • Smart Energy, Gas, Water, Electricity  • Alarm Management
 • Software applications  • Terminal Automation Solutions
 • Gas solutions  • Batch applications
 • Process safety   • Virtualization
 • Field instrumentation  • Projects