Jun Ai is the plant manager for the Zhangjiang chemical plant; health, safety, and the environment are her key values

“Safety is vital in the chemical industry. My job is to make sure all our employees come to work and go home safe and sound”, says Jun Ai.

She joined Honeywell in 2004 and is currently the Director of Honeywell UOP’s Integrated Supply Chain Operations and responsible for three factories in Asia. And she’s also the plant manager of the Zhangjiang factory.

In 2004, Jun was the very first employee of the factory, and at that time there was only one production line. Now the factory has 183 employees and four production lines. Seeing the factory erected from uncultivated land made her very proud.

According to Jun, health, safety, and the environment are the key values at a chemical plant, and a leader should always put safety first. She has spent a lot of time observing the assembly lines with her team to increase safety awareness.

Jun Ai is also a mother of two, and her family is located in Shanghai. The opportunity to start a new factory, from scratch, was very appealing to her. Honeywell attaches great importance to diversity, another pillar that motivates her every day. The company provides an equal environment for all talents. As a Chinese engineer, her career development with Honeywell demonstrates this well.