Joe Felix helps customers in large industrial facilities improve their productivity and run their plants efficiently and safely.

Joe Felix is an Engineering Fellow with Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies. He has been with Honeywell for 25 years.

As a system architect, he helps define the architecture of new products and the evolution of existing products in the Process Automation space. For him, Honeywell is a great place to work as it provides him with the opportunity to develop cutting-edge technology in collaboration with an amazing group of people, with diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives.

Process Automation helps customers improve their productivity and quality and run their plants efficiently and safely. The most exciting project I worked on was for a new remote terminal unit, a new market segment for Honeywell at that time. We started from understanding the market and went on to creating the product and designing the architecture. Working with a globally diverse team was a very rewarding experience.

Someone who wants to become a System Architect should try to walk in the customer’s shoes and understand the problems that the customer is facing every day.