André Defaveri works on a technology that produces biofuels with huge environmental benefits.

André Defaveri is Sales and New Business Development Manager for Honeywell UOP in Latin America. In his day-to-day work, he helps create a favorable atmosphere regarding future investments in oil refining, petrochemical production and renewable fuels.

This goes beyond the relationship with business clients, expanding to government spheres, regulatory agencies, investment funds, and banks. Based on the client’s vision, he helps create a profitable, long-term venture with the most advanced process technologies on the market.

The EcofiningTM technology produces biofuels that bring huge environmental benefits. The most important one is the reduction of CO2 emissions in the range of 50% to 90% (compared to petroleum-based fuels.)

Honeywell is an extraordinary company, not only because it is a technology leader, but also because it recruits the best professionals in the market. Having Honeywell’s support in our daily activities allows us to achieve our dreams.