As an Engineering Manager for Honeywell, Alicia Kempf is working on software that makes Pharmaceutical Manufacturing safer

“Anybody that takes medication would agree that it is very important that the medication they take has been tested and validated to be safe,” states Alicia Kempf.

Alicia is an Engineering Manager for Honeywell Process Solutions. Her team is working on software that helps related industries, like Pharmaceuticals, to make sure that the batch that they produce is made the same way every time and is safe for the marketplace.

Alicia Kempf loves technology. She believes women are very talented in the area of Computer Sciences and there’s a strong need to really encourage that. After 18 years with Honeywell, she’s still excited to come to work every day and work on new projects.

For Alicia, the most rewarding part of her role is when she takes a prototype that her team has developed and put it in first of customers for the first time – and the customer can instantly see what kind of value that is bringing to their business.