Alanoud Aladwan uses data to make operations safer and more efficient

Alanoud Aladwan encourages new engineers to join Honeywell – a company that is transforming the industry and the way it works.

Located in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, Alanoud is a Field Service Engineer. “The energy industry plays a crucial role in the UAE. The first time I went to an Oil and Gas field was with Honeywell. I was excited to have the opportunity to work with live systems, where any action can be critical,” remembers Alanoud.

She is currently working on one of the largest projects for an unmanned offshore gas platform. She and her team use data to make operations safer and more efficient.

Alanoud Aladwan studied Electrical Engineering. She started in Honeywell in a graduate program as a technical engineer, then got promoted to a field service engineer. She enjoys working for Honeywell, as her role and contribution help create many opportunities and encourage development.