User Input Subcommittee

User Input Subcommittee (UIS)

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Interested in joining the User Input Subcommittee (UIS)? Honeywell accepts membership applications at any time. Request a candidate membership application and more information about requirements. 

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The UIS has representatives from all of Honeywell's major markets.

Suggest an Enhancement

Honeywell welcomes suggestions from all users of Honeywell Process Solutions’ products, regardless of UIS membership. Suggestions will be equally considered by the UIS during the selection process. Note that this service does not replace Technical Assistance Center support channels.

To submit a suggestion:

  • Complete all form entries with as much detail as possible

  • Include only one suggestion per submission 

  • Resubmit previous suggestions by providing only the UIS Suggestion Number (add additional clarifying information if necessary)

 BP Company Ltd  Jason Yuryevich
 Chevron  Isaac Bullock
 Dow Chemical Company  William Teng
 DuPont Protection Technologies   Jeff Kesterson
 ExxonMobil   Brian Zufelt
 Georgia-Pacific   Robert Cox
 LyondellBasell   Paul Mathai
 Marathon Petroleum   Scott Flanagan
 Nova Chemicals  Mike Carley
 Procter & Gamble  Matt Johnson
 Shell Global Solutions  Charles Campbell 
 Syncrude Canada Ltd.  Pierre Prevost
 Veolia North America Michael Bridgers
 BASF Chemical SE  Frank Lerch
 EQUATE Petrochemical Company    Mahdi Akbar 
 INEOS  Neil Waller 
 INVISTA  Cliff Whalley 
 Phillips 66  Phillip Hogan
 Repsol  Iñiguez Causo,  Eduardo​​
 Sasol  Francois Gouws
 Shin-Etsu PVC B.V.  Paul Bithray 
 TOTAL  Patrick Beyens
 ALCOA​  Robert Polinelli 

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